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Icon Request

So I have been thinking about this for sometime and it may seem really stupid or just prove that I am obsessed with the show but way back during season one Grissom and Nick were at a crime scene where the guy "jumped" off the Monaco Casino and Grissom had to call in Sara Sidle from San Francisco to investigate the shooting and then death of Holly Gribbs.  When we first meet her Grissom is taking pictures of dummies Nick had throw, push, and jumped off the roof.  Grissom has to turn around to see Sara.  Well in the last episode we see with Grissom is season nine, he walking in a jungle.  He comes to an opening and stops.  Then we see Sara who is taking pictures of a monkey, but she also has to turn around to see Grissom.  So did then put this kinda connection in by chance or did just some crazy fan find some cool fact?  I was wondering if someone could make me an amimated icon with that scene from 1x02 Cool Change where Grissom turns around to see Sara on top and on the bottom the scene from 9x10 One To Go where Sara turns around to see Grissom...
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