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[01-14] GSR
[15-28] Jorja Fox
Underworld Evolution/Underworld bloopers (including animations)
[45-49] Kill Bill vol 1 (animations)

[50-70] Twilight (cast & animations)
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001-005] Brad Pitt (misc)
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[009-028] George Clooney
[029-036] CSI (mostly GSR)
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[044-045] Joshua Jackson
[046-048] Jorja Fox
[049-053] Marion Cotillard
[054-066] Meryl Streep
[067-069] Once (movie)
[070-000] Paul Newman
[071-072] Philip Seymour Hoffman
[073-099] Russell Crowe (actors studio, misc)
[100-108] Robert Downey Jr
[109-113] Tom Hanks
[114-119] William Petersen (misc)
Julie&Julia, Doubt, Cinderella Man, Road to Perdition, Once...

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Away 10: The Holiday 3 - Evolving

Title: Away 10: The Holiday 3 - Evolving
Author: pukajen
Pairing: GSR
Rating: Adult parts ahead
Spoilers: Lying Down with Dogs, eventually One to Go
Summary: She looked so young and so incredibly happy in that moment, smiling up at him, her eyes filled with laughter and love, it almost caused his heart to swell out of his chest with love.
Author's Note: soundingsea, thanks again for everything.
Author's Note II: If anyone out there is so inclined and has the time, I would love to get a couple more CSI icons so I don't have to keep using the same two over and over again.
Word Count: 6.260
Disclaimer: Not Mine.

All earlier parts can be found HERE

Away 10: The Holiday 3 - Evolving
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