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I think fantasies are best kept private.
~ Gil Grissom,
CSI Episode 6x22, Time of Your Death

Welcome to Best Kept Private, a LiveJournal community dedicated to the secret love of doom relationship between the characters of Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle on the CBS television series CSI.

1. Content: Anything posted to this community should be related to the CSI characters of Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle. If it involves Grissom, Sara, Grissom/Sara, William Petersen, or Jorja Fox, feel free to post it to the community. That includes fanfiction, icons or fan art, media articles, photographs, vids, and other fannish pursuits.

If you aren't sure if your post is appropriate for the community, please contact a mod for clarification at bestkeptprivate @ gmail.com. Any post that says something like "please delete if not acceptable" will be deleted, because you could have easily e-mailed the mods, and therefore, your post is unacceptable.

2. Spoilers: If it has aired in the US, it is no longer considered a spoiler.

However, the community will go on moderated posting from Thursday evening to Friday evening EST on any day when a new episode airs. (You can still post, but your submission will be screened first by one of the mods for spoilers that are not cut or labeled appropriately.)

Also, all comments concerning a new episode should be made to the new episode post that will be made by the moderators that evening, to give Europeans and others at least a chance to catch up first. If it hasn't aired in the US, spoilers must be behind an LJ-CUT.

New Rule (10/15/06): All posts related to spoilers for future episodes should also be locked to community members only. Spoiler posts that are made and are not locked will receive a warning, and then will be removed from the community if the post isn't locked ASAP.

3. Smut, Big or Multiple Graphics, and Long Posts: Should also be put behind an LJ-CUT, and labeled appropriately. (Keep your icon previews to a reasonable number, and any banners under the cut.)

4. Wank: Not cool. This is a pro-G/S community, not an anti-other ships community. Be respectful of the fact that some people are multi-shippers, etc. Plus, Grissom/Sara is the canon relationship on CSI, so beating up on other ships is unnecessary bullying.

If someone comes into the community to cause trouble, just ignore them and report them to a mod so that we can deal with the person in question. We appreciate active and involved community members, but please refrain from informing other community members of rule infractions, replying to wankers or trolls, and generally stepping in where a moderator's reply would be more appropriate. We know you only want to help, but in fact it would only cause the problem to blossom because... okay, basically, you don't have any authority to tell anyone to do anything. Contact a mod, and they will respond as necessary and make steps to contain the situation. Backseat mods that, even by accident, cause any wank to multiply may find themselves in the same hot water as the initial wanker.

5. Fanfiction: Please label any adult material and use the appropriate warnings for spoilers and content. All genres are welcome here, and the inclusion of other couples (even slash couples) in your story is acceptable as well.

Please don't abuse our good faith. A good rule of thumb is Would a thoughtful Grissom/Sara fan be offended by this story being posted? If there are any problems, the mods will make a call on a case-by-case basis, because we don't want to limit creativity, we only keep the site a comfortable, safe, and friendly place.

6. Tagging: Help the mods out and tag your posts. Please check the sidebar or tagging menu on your post to find our available tags.

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This community is dedicated to the memory of Tiffany Ashland Jackson, 1981-2007. A fellow fan, but most importantly, a wonderful and dear friend. We miss you, Tiff. Rest in Peace.

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